The best programs for auto repair shops!

VINPIN СТО – лучшее ПО для СТО, впервые в России, всё в одной подписке!
Лучшие программы для автосервиса в одной подписке! Профессионально и удобно!
Программное обеспечение для станций технического обслуживания

We combined the most required programs for automotive repair shops in one access

starts from 27$
Blogger, auto electrician "Petermega" made a detailed review of our software package for car services — VINPIN SERVICE station. Enjoy watching!

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Мы делаем работу механиков, электриков и матеров-приемщиков более профессиональной, правильной, быстрой и комфортной!

The best programs for auto repair shops in one subscription

VINPIN STO — is the only access to the most popular repair and maintenance programs, based on the information from developers.

Programs include: repair manuals, maintenance regulations, wiring diagrams, labor time guides, fluid specifications, diagnostic code decryptions and much more.

We have been combining the best programs for automotive repair shops all over the world for 12 years.

We've created a unique product that you can test for free. The subscription includes 100 top programs for car service stations.
Я Ирина! Предлагаю вам зарегистрироваться и попробовать VINPIN СТО в деле! Жми на меня! Профессионал должен использовать в работе профессиональное программное обеспечение!

Using VINPIN STO you are guaranteed to increase the efficiency and revenue of your car service.

Auto repair programs included in VINPIN STO:

  • Help to increase average client spend.
  • Reduce car repair time.
  • Eliminate repair errors.
  • Simplify and speed up the work of mechanics, electricians, service advisors and other staff of the repair workshop.
  • Improve the reviews and NPS* (Net promoter score) of your clients.

100 best programs for car service

All in one subscription, for at least $27!
The total cost of the programs included in VINPIN STO is 250$ per month. But you can get access to them for 27$ per month only. Profit!
Autodata is a program for service advisors contains information on maintenance and labor time.
AllData is a program with the most complete information on vehicles, designed for everyone: from electrical to engine technicians.
HYNES PRO WORKSHOPDATA (TechData) is a program for service advisors and mechanics. Contains comprehensive maintenance information.
Identifix is a reliable source of information for the repair and maintenance industry. An alternative to ALLDATA.
The ATSG program is designed for repair and diagnostics of transmissions, and contains exclusive manuals for gearboxes repair.
TecDoc — a database of numbers of non-original parts, as well as a database of technical data on car repair.
ELSA VAG VW is a dealer program for the repair and maintenance of Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda and SEAT cars. Make repairs like authorized dealers!
A unique program for repair and maintenance of car air conditioners.

Why do auto repair shops choose VINPIN STO?

We interviewed our users and found key advantages of our system
  • Quick search for information on repair of any vehicle
    Videos on YouTube, articles on forums and blogs will cease to be relevant. Such sources of information are unreliable: they may contain mistakes and require a lot of time to find what you need. This is for motorists, not for professionals.
  • It works online and without installation (WEB-browser)
    VINPIN STO is a convenient access to a set of programs via a browser from any computer, which is available 24/7 and does not require installation. It works in remote desktop mode, so everything loads quickly on any computer.
  • It includes the legendary TecDoc
    A high-quality spare parts searching system for the automotive aftermarket. This is an opportunity to earn more, save clients’ time and money and increase the likelihood of repeated visits to your workshop.
  • Spare parts catalog for maintenance
    Fast and error-free selection of articles of consumable spare parts for maintenance on all cars is always at hand.


Access to the VINPIN STO system is purchased as a subscription. The longer the subscription period, the more profitable. You can get a 1 day trial before purchasing.
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Я Ирина! Предлагаю вам зарегистрироваться и попробовать VINPIN СТО в деле! Жми на меня! Профессионал должен использовать в работе профессиональное программное обеспечение!

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